Our Partners

Our Promise To You

As we continue to grow as an agency, we promise to bring the best of ourselves to the people we serve; to hire the most skilled and compassionate professionals in our field; to use the funds generously provided to us with intelligence and integrity and to help make Milwaukee truly a great place on a great lake. Please read our 2018 Annual Report for more information.


Financial Contributions

Grants, Contracts, and Donations

The Parenting Network receives funds through Milwaukee County, private foundations, partnerships with local agencies, fundraising

and friend-raising events and through the generous donations of individual supporters.


We'd like to thank all of our Friends, Donors, and Corporate Sponsors for your investment in the lives of children and families in our community. Everyone's contribution makes an impact and allows us to reach greater numbers of individuals with the support they need to raise healthy children.

Donor List

We appreciate and want to thank and acknowledge all our donors who gave of themselves, their time, and their financial contributions to support our mission throughout the years.





To Our Funders

The Parenting Network’s programs and services are supported by a diverse funding base. We would like to acknowledge all of our funding partners who make these services possible.

Our Funding

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The Parenting Network collaborates with many different organizations and municipalities on both a local and national scale and continues to develop some of the best services and programs available to families and parents in the region.


Collaboration is central to our work with schools, churches, child care centers and other social services agencies across Milwaukee County to provide quality services and programs in locations convenient to families. When we put our minds and hearts together in service to the community, we can overcome obstacles to positive change. We encourage you to join in our efforts to help Milwaukee families succeed. Below are the organizations that we have worked with and continue to work with.

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