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TPN Selected as Charity Partner

We're honored and grateful to Milwaukee's Listen To Your Mother Show for selecting us as this year's Charity Partner. Ten percent of proceeds from the May 7th show will support the work we do to make Milwaukee families stronger, better connected and healthier!

Milwaukee's Listen To Your Mother Show announced our selection of February 9th.

Sowing Seeds of Hope with our Charity Partner

by Rochelle Fritsch

Five years ago when I was a cast member of Milwaukee's To Your Mother Show, I knew we were doing so much more than reading beautiful words or performing. The stories we told planted seeds of empathy, understanding, humor and thoughtfulness not only in the cast, but also in our community.

Now in the third year of co-producing Milwaukee's Listen To Your Mother Show, I can look back and see how each show has taken root and changed lives.

All Listen To Your Mother Shows also plant seeds of community goodwill by supporting a local nonprofit that addresses needs of women, family and children. And, in this Listen To Your Mother Show's Grand Finale season, Jennifer, Alexandra and I are proud to continue sowing seeds that will help our community selecting The Parenting Network as our Charity Partner.

The Parenting Network's mission is to strengthen families and prevent child abuse. With over forty years of experience in Milwaukee County, the agency understands that child abuse doesn't happen in a vacuum and provides a continuum of services to support individuals in their unique parenthood journey - from single mothers, to fathers, to traditional parents, to grandparents, to children and to entire families.

Through their work, The Parenting Network is also sowing seeds that bring families closer, healthier and make our community a better place for everyone.

As producers of Milwaukee's Listen To Your Mother Show, we couldn't be more proud to support The Parenting Network as we all continue growing seeds of hope in the Milwaukee area.

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