• The Parenting Network

Unveiling Celebrate Children License Plate

By Caissa Casarez

MADISON (WKOW) – Some state groups are working to help prevent child abuse and neglect in Wisconsin with the help of a special license plate.

The Celebrate Children Foundation launched a new design of the license plate at the Madison Children's Museum on Thursday night. The group works with the state's Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board in their efforts to create stronger families in Wisconsin.

Officials say proceeds from the new license plate will go toward the board, which gives money to local groups helping families through grants.

“The key is to strengthen parenting and to strengthen families,” said Joyce Felker, executive director of The Parenting Network. “And so as we look at the figure with the hands up (on the license plate) kind of dancing and joyful, it's a celebration of life and the life that children are.”

The state's Family Resource Centers are working with children's museums across Wisconsin to launch the plate. Find out how to buy one of your own here.