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Managing Misbehavior

Developing Positive Relationships

EncouragingDesirable Behavior


New Skills and Behaviors

Raising Confident, Competent Children 

Learn how to help your child become confident and successful-at school and beyond.


Wednesday, August 12 @ 2:30-4:00 pm

Get suggestions to help you handle tantrums and teach your toddler to calm down quickly.

Coping with Stress

Learn to cope positively with day-to-day stress so you can act consistently and calmly with your children.

Balancing Work and Family

Discover ways to maintain a balance between your work life and your home life.

Raising Resilient Children

Explore emotional resilience, why it's important for children and how you can help children manage their emotions.

The Power of Positive Parenting

An introduction to the five key principles of positive parenting.

Managing Fighting and Aggression

Get suggestion to teach your child to solve problems without fighting and get along with others.


Suggestions on how to help your child to deal with bullying and actions you can take.

Dealing with Disobedience

Teach your child to accept limits, do as they are told and to understand the meaning of the word, 'No.'

Developing Good Bedtime Routines

Teach your child healthy, independent sleep patterns so they can fall asleep in their own bed until morning. Focus is on Ages 2-10

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Hassle-Free Shopping with Children

Shopping with your children doesn't have to be a chore. Learn strategies that will allow you to shop without issues.

Behavior at School

Information about a handling a variety of problems that can occur at your child's school.

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