To register for a class, or a series of classes,

contact the Parent Helpline. We are here to

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Classes for parents and caregivers
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Continuous Classes

Our ongoing classes for parents and caregivers are always open for new participants. Various dates, times, and locations offer flexibility. For more information or details, please check our flyers.  

Set Classes

A series of time-limited classes with a specific start and end date. Check the class flyer to see times and dates.

Single Classes

One-time classes with a specific focus. We also lead community conversations and provide workshops and presentations at locations throughout Milwaukee County.
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Continuous Classes
Ongoing series of classes


10 session series of classes

specifically for fathers.

  • The evidence-based curriculum considers parenting from the male point of view and focuses on the importance of dad as a positive role model in a child's life.

  • Discussions include: family history, emotional and physical health, self-awareness, fathering skills, child development, relationship issues and more.

  • Fee: $30 for materials, verification, handouts and certificate of participation.


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10 session series for parents

offered at several locations.

  • Topics include information about family, communication, self-esteem, routines, stress and anger, discipline, and child development.

  • Fee: $30 for materials, verification, handouts and certificate of participation.


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Welcome, Baby!

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  • Free, education and support group for parents of newborns and expectant parents that includes a blend of discussion, information, and play.

  • Offered at several locations, including high  schools, throughout Milwaukee.

  • Parents will learn how babies grow and develop during their first year.

  • Includes tips and techniques for reducing stress and maintaining safety for your family.

  • For more information, please call the Helpline.

Interested in joining a class?

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Call the Helpline!

Set Classes
A series of time-limited classes with a specific start and end date
Triple  P Level 4

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  • An 8-week parenting program that focuses on strategies to encourage positive behaviors and attitudes in children.

  • Requirements:

    • Program completion requires six weeks of attendance and two weeks of one-on-one consultation.

    • Parents must have children living in their home to participate.

    • Fee: $30 for materials.

  • Scholarships and child care are available.

  • Call the Parent Helpline for more information

Strengthening Families 10-14

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  • A 7-week education and skill-building series for families designed to enhance family communication, help youth resist negative peer pressure, manage family conflict , show love and set limits. 

  • Includes a family meal and group activities for youth ages 10-14.

Effective Black Parenting

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  • A FREE nationally acclaimed parenting skill-building program that teaches parents and others how to raise African American children to become healthy, proud and capable adults.

  • A workbook will be given to participants 

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  • A 9-session series for men that promotes optimism and confidence with the goal of expanding the idea of personal empowerment.

  • Includes discussion, interactive activities, videos and support from the facilitator and group.

  • Topics include communication skills, envisioning the future, health, understanding relationships, managing stress, taking responsibility and exploring concepts of masculinity.

  • Call the Helpline for more information.

Personal Power
for Parents
to Anger

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RELAX: Alternatives to Anger

  • Participants learn to manage anger constructively by recognizing the signs, empathizing and listening to others and staying in the present moment.

  • Includes a small and large group discussion, interactive activities and journaling.

  • Fee: $100/person or $150/couple.

  • For more information, call the Helpline.

  • Click here for information about 2020 classes

Single Classes
One-time class with a specific focus
Triple P
Seminars &

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Seminars & Discussions

  • Seminars cover positive parenting principles such as providing a positive learning environment, assertive discipline, raising confident children and developing resilience.

  • Seminars last 1.5 hours and are available in Spanish

  • Discussion groups are 2 hours and address common parenting situations like shopping, bedtime, dealing with disobedience and handling fighting and aggression.​


Sex Talk as Real Talk

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S.T.A.R.T. Sex Talk as Real Talk

  • 1.5 or 2 hour workshop for parents.

  • Presents perceptions that youth have about sex that could lead to risky sexual behavior.

  • Includes strategies to help parents become more comfortable talking with their children about sex.

  • Bring this workshop to your group or organization.

Cooperative Co-Parenting

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  • A 3-hour interactive, court-approved class that meets the requirements for divorcing parents in Milwaukee County.

  • Parents learn to effectively navigate through the divorce process and strengthen their ability to communicate, resolve conflicts, help children to adapt to change and build family harmony.

  • This class is offered once a month on Monday evenings.

  • Fee: $45 per person

Stewards of Children

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2.5 hour child sexual abuse prevention workshop for adults.

  • Endorsed by the Awareness to Action Initiative of Wisconsin to eliminate child sexual abuse through awareness, education, prevention, advocacy and action.

  • Includes a workbook, resources, and certificate of completion.

  • Bring our Registry certified trainers to your group. Mandated reporter training is also available for a fee.