Triple P 

Positive Parenting Program

Parenting isn’t always easy. Triple P is here to help!

You love your kids.


So why is it sometimes so hard to love being a parent?
Triple P can help. Triple P providers teach families how to spend less time battling misbehavior and more time building close relationships. You’ll develop the positive parenting skills to manage stress and encourage healthy habits. And that can mean more good days for your family.

Programs are currently held virtually.


Triple P doesn’t tell anyone how to be a parent. Instead, we offer practical advice, backed by science and the successes seen by thousands of families. You’ll find tips for a range of issues, from raising toddlers to learning how to cope with complex problems at home. 


  • Find the right level of support

  • Set your own priorities and goals

  • Decide what works for your family

  • Tailor strategies to your unique needs

You Have Choices

The Goal: more positive in your days

Developing Positive Relationships

Managing Misbehavior

EncouragingDesirable Behavior

New Skills and Behaviors

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One-on-One Coaching

Tried eveything? Feeling fed up?

  • If you have a child(ren) ages 0-16 and are looking for support about how to handle a specific issue or parenting challenge, then consider scheduling a series of private sessions with a Triple P coach.

  • Focus on your family’s specific needs

  • Get suggestions for your situation

  • Create a practical action plan

  • No charge to parents or caregivers



Looking for a lighter touch? Sign up for these FREE Triple P Events that address common parenting issues.

SEMINAR SERIES (90 minutes) 

Triple P seminars give parents and caregivers a friendly place to learn, share and seek out support. Get to know the core principles of positive parenting and learn how to deal with everyday challenges.

  • Power of positive parenting

  • Raising confident, competent children

  • Raising resilient children


These interactive workshops give you a space to talk about common parenting challenges, tackle specific issues, learn from other parents' successes, and connect with other local families. You will develop and walk away with a parenting plan to support your family's needs.

  • Balancing work and family

  • Behavior at school

  • Being bullied

  • Coping with stress

  • Tantrums

  • Self-esteem


Triple P discussion groups are interactive sessions where you will talk about the misbehavior upsetting your family life with a small group of parents like you. You will watch short videos of real parents experiencing real problems and will develop and walk away with a parenting plan to support your family's needs.

  • Dealing with disobedience

  • Managing fighting and aggression

  • Developing good bedtime routines

  • Hassle-free shopping with children

For Parents of Teenagers:

  • Getting teenagers to cooperate

  • Coping with teenagers emotions

  • Building teenagers survival skills

  • Reducing family conflict