Parenting isn’t always easy. Triple P is here to help!

You love your kids. So why is it sometimes so hard to love being a parent?

Triple P is for parents with children ages 0-12 years of age.

Triple P doesn’t tell anyone how to be a parent. Instead, we offer practical advice, backed by science and the successes seen by thousands of families. You’ll find tips for a range of issues, from raising toddlers to learning how to cope with complex problems at home. With Triple P, the choices are yours.

  • Find the right level of support

  • Set your own priorities and goals

  • Decide what works for your family

  • Tailor strategies to your unique needs

Ways to Learn with Triple P!

The Goal: more positive in your days

Developing Positive Relationships

Managing Misbehavior

EncouragingDesirable Behavior


New Skills and Behaviors

Sign up for one-on-one support (FREE)

  • Contact us today to meet with a Triple P accredited coach.

  • Stressed out? Feel like you’ve tried everything? Sit down with a Triple P accredited parent coach for thoughtful advice on a specific problem.

  • Focus on your family’s specific needs

  • Get suggestions for your situation

  • Create a practical action plan

  • If you have a child(ren) ages 0-12 and are looking for support about how to handle a specific issue or parenting challenge, then consider scheduling a private session with a Triple P coach.

Attend a Triple P Discussion Group

Check back in June for the schedule of webinars

Talk out everyday problems. Bedtime whining? Biting? Public meltdowns? Talk honestly about the misbehavior upsetting your family life with a small group of parents like you.

  • Discuss common parenting challenges

  • Tackle specific issues and frustrations

  • Learn from other parents’ successes

  • Connect with other local families

Participate in Triple P Group-an eight week course

Contact Parent Helpline to sign up or fill out the form on our Contact page to get more information. 414-671-0566

Want even more support for difficult behavioral problems? This 8-week course can help you deal with complex issues so every day doesn't feel like a battle, leaving you frustrated and exhausted.

  • Meet other parents in similar situations

  • Learn tips and suggestions to suit the needs of your family

  • Receive guided sessions with backup phone support as you start to use new skills

  • Click here for a flyer for 2020

Attend a Triple P seminar

Check back in June for the schedule of webinars

Want to boost your skills and confidence? Triple P seminars provide parents with a friendly place to learn, share and seek out support. Build a positive foundation. Get to know the core principles of positive parenting and learn practical ways to deal with everyday challenges.

  • Get insight into your child’s behavior

  • Learn the positive parenting basics

  • Have the chance to ask questions

  • Gain some techniques to try at home

Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

Parent Helpline (414) 671-0566

Mon. - Thurs. 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Fri. 8:30 AM-3:00 PM

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