Family links is a coordinated community effort for families who have expressed an interest in receiving support. 


Families who qualify will be connected to programs and services that will help them identify their support networks, set goals, identify basic needs and address other family challenges.

Support could include parenting education, case management, direct services or enrollment in specific programs.

It is funded by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families to assist parents and caregivers.

To find out if you are eligible for the Family Links Program, call the Parent Helpline and ask to speak with Krista Verduzco or email her with your questions.

Parent Helpline


Krista Verduzco Ex. 19

Family Links and Helpline Specialist

You can also visit the partner organizations listed by clicking on their logos to explore the options that are available for you. 

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Click on the two logos to see what services and programs are provided to families who qualify. We also welcome you to explore the classes and programs on our site.